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10 Sleep Hacks Every Student Needs to Know

10 Sleep Hacks Every Student Needs to Know

A handy tool for the student toolbox is a few sleep hacks.  If there is one thing that goes hand in hand with that pile of text books it’s lack of sleep. Whether it’s pulling an all nighter finishing off that assignment due tomorrow or celebrating the night with friends.  There is usually one...
OTrain invited to Advance Queensland Summit

OTrain invited to Advance Queensland Summit

Last month we were invited to attend and exhibit at the Queensland Governments Innovation and Investment Summit, as part of their Advance Queensland initiative. Held in Brisbane over two days, the purpose of the summit was to bring innovative Start ups, Investors, Government and other Stakeholders together to exchange ideas, collaborate and maybe even...
Choosing a Moodle Hosting Provider

Choosing a Moodle Hosting Provider

There is a lot to consider when choosing a Moodle hosting provider.

In its simplest form, your Moodle LMS is actually little more than a number of files and folders. Hosting is simply somewhere to store all those files and folder so that your Moodle Learning Management System is available to your student; typically via the internet.

Whilst the computer geeks use words like ‘cloud’ and ‘web’ in reality those files sit on a computer somewhere. That computer is often referred…

How to Use Cinemagraphs in eLearning

How to Use Cinemagraphs in eLearning

Some great tips from Chris Pappas, Founder of The eLearning Industry Network, on how to use cinemagraphs in eLearning.

The original article can be found here, but just in case it is moved we have copied it to our Blog below.

Here’s Chris’s 5 Tips To Use Cinemagraphs in eLearning.

Security Matters

Security Matters

Web security is as important as home security yet I am constantly amazed by the lack of respect and poor actions by people when it comes to protecting their passwords and keeping their websites safe.

Most people are either too busy, or simply believe “I’m too small, why would anyone want to hack me”.

However, what most people don’t understand is the two biggest threats to your organisation are automated bots and your own employees..

Grow your business with the OTrain Training Company Growth Model

Grow your business with the OTrain Training Company Growth Model

I’ve been working with training organisations since 2011 and during that time, I’ve found the OTrain Training Company Growth Model, helps to build a scalable, reliable, and predictable business.

Now I’m not talking about the legislated required obligations.  It goes without saying that you need to do things right, including your compliance, reporting and hiring obligations. I’m talking more about the organisational model that underpins a great training business..

Reflections on Being CEO of a SaaS Business Through Year 4 and 5, $20m+ of Capital Raised, Triple Digit Revenue Growth

From time to time I come across a post that is so good, I have to do more than simply share it via social media. This is such a post.

Copied word for word from its original location, in case its taken down or moved, this is an honest reflection from the Founder and CEO of a fast growth company, sharing some of his learnings from the past few years..

OTrain gets new Digs

With continued growth and plenty of big plans ahead, OTrain is pleased to announce we have become one of the foundation residents at the new Canvas Coworking Space in Toowoomba..

Hey RTO – Does your Online Training Make you money?

With online training and elearning the fastest growing part of the training sector, its no surprise that most RTO’s have joined the stampede and started to put their training online. In fact, in my day to day conversations with RTO’s around the country, I rarely come across someone who doesn’t have some sort of online component, or hasn’t tried some sort of online delivery for their training content or assessments..

Case Study – First Aid Training

We have a client who delivers the theoretical component of their FirstAid training nationally, via our Online Learning Management Solution.

A first aid course is usually a 2 day course, and involves both a theoretical and practical component..

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