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Our fully hosted, cloud based Learning Management System designed to Create, Host, Deploy, Assess, Record and Report all your training needs
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Our team of elearning and training experts with the skills and experience to turn your training material into engaging and effective online courses.
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Training Success Club

Our collection of resources, tools, webinars, workshops, coaching and mentoring services to help you create and get more out of your training.
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The OTrain difference.

We believe in Software PLUS Service

At OTrain, You get Intuitively Simply software PLUS Outstanding Service and Support

We believe in SIMPLE pricing

At OTrain, You get unlimited users, courses, administrators and reports, all for a simple monthly hosting fee

We believe in being ONTIME

At OTrain, you get your project on time If not, we discount the price by 10% for each day its late. More than 10 days, its yours for free

We believe in TEAMWORK

At OTrain You get “all hands” support. Everyone in our organisation mans the chat and phone lines, from the Managing Director to the Front Desk

We believe in FAST

At OTrain, You get immediate access and a fast turn around

We believe in TRANSPARENCY

At OTrain, You get a transparent pricing model, with fixed price projects and no surprises

Our clients are using OTrainU and the OTrain services to deliver all types of training. From our educator and RTO clients delivering First Aid and Responsible Service of Alcohol training, through to our fast growth employers delivering their Induction and On-boarding programs.

We’ve got Chemical Supply companies teaching their clients how to correctly and safely apply their products, and Spill Companies using the OTrainU system to teach their clients how to clean up chemical and other spills.

And we’re not limited to particular sectors or industries. From Childcare to RTO’s, Manufactures to Electrical Contractors and Transport companies, OTrain is in operation across the economy.

With OTrain you can opt for a fully outsourced model and have us do all the work, or use your existing skills and resources to do it yourself, and quite often its a mix of both.

At OTrain we’re here to put your training online, but more than that we’re here to help make your training work.

OTrain is, simply put a better way to Train

Our Recent Posts

We’re working through!

We’re working through!

With the Christmas and New Year period approaching, your inbox is probably starting to receive a growing trickle of notifications from different supplier and vendors notifying you of their shut down periods. This year, we’re working through! We recognise, for some this is a great time of year to get stuff done. So, we’re...
Moodle 4.0 – What we know so far

Moodle 4.0 – What we know so far

If you haven’t heard already, you’re about to start hearing (a lot) that there is a new update in line for the Moodle Learning Management System. Called Moodle 4.0 this is a major upgrade to the platform scheduled to be rolled out towards then end of this year. In the words of former US...
10 Years in business. Happy Birthday to OTrain

10 Years in business. Happy Birthday to OTrain

This month OTrain celebrates 10 years of partnering with organisations to help put their training online and helping to make their online training work. Whilst we don’t usually like talking about ourselves, this mark felt like it was a worthy exception to take a moment out and reflect on the decade past, and some...

Did you know

Putting your training online can

  • Reduce delivery cost by up to 85%
  • Reduce delivery time by 2/3rds
  • Improve reporting, compliance and audit trail
  • Make training and workforce development more interesting and engaging for all involved.

So what are you waiting for?

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