About Us

Our story has just begun.

Our vision is to become a leading, global provider of Complete Virtual Learning Solutions and we take steps towards that vision every single day.

OTrain was started in 2011 after our own experiences as employers trying to find an effective and efficient way of delivering internal and organisational training for our growing business.

Many of the existing options were too complex, too pricey, or simply had too many unknowns.

We wanted a solution where we could own our content, add to it and make changes if we liked, but also engage with experts when we needed. We wanted flexibility.

We didn’t want to be locked into contacts, or have to pay more money every time we enrolled a new student or needed a new report. We wanted certainty around price.

As hard as we looked, this solution simply didn’t exist. So we decided to build our own.

We put together a team of experts in Software, Online Training and Workforce Development, then leveraged everyones expertise to create a solution that worked.

When our clients seen what we were doing, they wanted access too. Thats when OTrain was born.

Driven by the purpose of providing Intuitively Simple Software backed up with Outstanding Customer Service we have since been on a journey to help other growing businesses educate and manage their workforce by making it easy and flexible to PUT YOUR TRAINING ONLINE.

With a clear vision, a strong set of values, and a dedicated and growing team, OTrain continues to evolve and expand.

OTrain is simply put, a better way to Train.

OTrain is proudly a Privately Owned Australian Company, serving clients around the world.

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