OTrain Studio

Studio is OTrain’s very own online training creative and design team.

We have learning architects, instructional designers, graphic designers, animators, videographers and voice talent all available to take your training online.

Online training should be more than simply reading text on screen and our team have years of combined experience in creating interactive and engaging learning courses.

From simple courses to full blown video or animated presentations, even gamification, the team at Studio can create just about any sort of online training. If you can imagine it, chances are we can build it.

If you are thinking about putting training online, don’t do anything until you speak with the team at Studio first.


There are any number of options when it comes to creating great online content, but typically courses will fall into 4 categories.

The team at Studio are experts in creating all 4.


Text Style

Test driven is you more traditional elearning style. It includes text, charts graphics and is usually read by the student, moving between each page like a book. Text style might include some video or audio, but the basis of the course is “read and click”.



An interactive course can be similar to a “read and click” style, but will typically have a more automated flow, and will require more interactions from the student/user.



A simulation is great for software or activites . Its highly intereactive. A good example of this might be an instructed simulation of how to use a piece of software, with the student required to enter data and navigate the system as part of the learning.



Gamification is the use of “game thinking” and “game mechanics” to educate and train your student or learner. Unlike traditional training which has some sort of “knowledge push”, Gamification sees your student learning by playing a game and mastering levels.

Regardless of the style of online course you require, there are many different media you can use to create the desired effect.

The OTrain Studio team able to assist with the following, plus more.

Basic Slides





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