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Completion Progress Bar

Introducing the new feature for the month: Completion Progress Bar. When the progress bar is added to your course, students can see a visual representation of their progress, including activities that have to be completed. It also allows teachers/administrators to view all their users progress for a quick overview. Watch this quick video for more details. If you would like more information or to have this plugin added to your training room, please contact OTrain on 07 3040 3310 or email us at...

Hey Chicken Little – the Sky is not falling

There is a lot of doom and gloom around the training space right now as members of our sector learn to adapt to the new world we operate in. I am an active in a number of LinkedIn and Facebook groups, and barely a day goes by without someone jumping on board and listing yet another RTO that has gone broke, or is laying off staff. People seem to be aghast of the changes taking place and everyone seems concerned about when it will end, or when it will return to normal. “Think of the students” are the cries from industry pundits. I’ve even heard suggestions we should return to the good old days before privatisation where the bulk of VET sector training was delivered by TAFE. I don’t know about you, but for me all these comments are starting to have a bit of a Chicken Little affect. Now sure, I know there are a lot of structural changes taking place out there, and I know for some businesses that weren’t doing the right thing or were marginal in the good times, these changes are causing some grief.  And I am certainly not denying that there are a lot of people out there in pain. But what I am saying is that despite that, there are also a lot of training organisations doing well. At OTrain we host and manage the Learning Management System for about 50 Training organisations, spread throughout Australian and across a range of different sectors. In addition to this we have worked with more than double that number to create specific online training courses and programs...

Change Ahead for VET FEE HELP

Simon Burmingham, the Minister for Education and Training this week announced sweeping changes to the VET FEE HELP sector.

There is lots being written about the specific, but in short, the amount a student can borrow for a course has been reduced.

The Automatic Training Machine

Have you every thought how great it would be to have more students than you could handle?
Maybe you’ve said out loud it’s the admin, assessments and reporting, stopping you from spending quality time with your students and growing business.
If you’ve ever had these or similar thoughts, what you’re really looking for is an Automatic Training Machine.

How did the online census fail so miserably?

There has been much discussion about attacks on our information, attacks on our privacy and how the census site crashed due to people trying to hack into the servers that the site is/was hosted on.
It’s quite possible there was no malicious attack on our data at all, rather the volume of traffic all at once simulated an unintentional Denial of Service Attack.
So what is a Denial of Service Attack (DDoS)?

New Feedback Dashboard

At OTrain, we are always looking for ways to improve our user experience.
We have been trialing, monitoring and improving this for some time and we are pleased to say we are now ready to release it to our OTrainU clients.

What does the Future of Work look like?

Dr Alexandra Bratanova, Research Scientist at Data61 CSIRO, set the stage sharing with us the data that shows how the workforce has changed since the 90’s to now and how these changes are only picking up pace at a rapid rate as we move into the future.
Their research identified 6 megatrends that make it very clear, the Future of Work is going to look and feel very different to how we currently work. The 6 megatrends are;

Is your Learning Management System up to date?

Is your LMS up to date?
This seems like a pretty obvious question, but what a lot of organisations don’t understand is that owning an LMS is a bit like owning a car. There is a constant stream of maintenance required to keep everything in tip top shape.
I speak with training organisations everyday and one of the constants is how many tell me…….

2 Minutes with OTrain – What is OTrain?

Here’s our latest live feed from our 2 minutes live with OTrain series. You can see more of these videos here in the 2 Minute Category, or keep up to date by joining us on Facebook. Today – What is OTrain? OTrain puts training online, but what does that mean? Posted by OTrain on Tuesday, July 05, 2016   If you enjoyed this 2 minute tip, please share. For more 2 Minute tips like this, join us...