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Our fully hosted, cloud based Learning Management System designed to Create, Host, Deploy, Assess, Record and Report all your training needs Learn More


Our team of elearning and training experts with the skills and experience to turn your training material into engaging and effective online courses. Learn More

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Our growing catalogue of Ready to GO! courses covering a variety of topics from Soft Skills to Compliance based training programs. Learn More

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Our collection of resources, tools, webinars, workshops, coaching and mentoring services to help you create and get more out of your training.Learn More

The OTrain difference.

We believe in Software PLUS Service

At OTrain, You get Intuitively Simply software PLUS Outstanding Service and Support

We believe in SIMPLE pricing

At OTrain, You get unlimited users, courses, administrators and reports, all for a simple monthly hosting fee

We believe in being ONTIME

At OTrain, you get your project on time If not, we discount the price by 10% for each day its late. More than 10 days, its yours for free

We believe in TEAMWORK

At OTrain You get “all hands” support. Everyone in our organisation mans the chat and phone lines, from the Managing Director to the Front Desk

We believe in FAST

At OTrain, You get immediate access and a fast turn around

We believe in TRANSPARENCY

At OTrain, You get a transparent pricing model, with fixed price projects and no surprises

Our clients are using OTrainU and the OTrain services to deliver all types of training. From our educator and RTO clients delivering First Aid and Responsible Service of Alcohol training, through to our fast growth employers delivering their Induction and On-boarding programs. We’ve got Chemical Supply companies teaching their clients how to correctly and safely apply their products, and Spill Companies using the OTrainU system to teach their clients how to clean up chemical and other spills. And we’re not limited to particular sectors or industries. From Childcare to RTO’s, Manufactures to Electrical Contractors and Transport companies, OTrain is in operation across the economy. With OTrain you can opt for a fully outsourced model and have us do all the work, or use your existing skills and resources to do it yourself, and quite often its a mix of both. At OTrain we’re here to put your training online, but more than that we’re here to help make your training work.

OTrain is, simply put a better way to Train

Our Recent Posts

10 Sleep Hacks Every Student Needs to Know

A handy tool for the student toolbox is a few sleep hacks.  If there is one thing that goes hand in hand with that pile of text books it’s lack of sleep. Whether it’s pulling an all nighter finishing off that assignment due tomorrow or celebrating the night with friends.  There is usually one reason or another that sleep didn’t seem all that important at the time. Sleep deprivation can make it very difficult to succeed, having an adverse affect on your mental health, concentration and memory. SleepPeople.com have put together a great infographic ’10 Sleep Hacks Every Student Needs to Know’ which provides students with some great tips for getting the best nights sleep possible. A great night sleep is a very important requirement and should be a focus for any student wanting to succeed at learning.  ...

OTrain invited to Advance Queensland Summit

Last month we were invited to attend and exhibit at the Queensland Governments Innovation and Investment Summit, as part of their Advance Queensland initiative. Held in Brisbane over two days, the purpose of the summit was to bring innovative Start ups, Investors, Government and other Stakeholders together to exchange ideas, collaborate and maybe even conduct a business deal. The event delivered an incredible couple of days, with so much to see and experience, it was difficult for one to know where to look next. With so many exciting innovations on show there were a couple of standouts for me personally. First there was DRU, Domino’s Robotic Unit, a driverless solution to pizza delivery.  Domino’s have definitely thought outside the box here.  Designing a robot that keeps your order piping hot and drinks icy cold while navigating the footpaths from the store to your door.  DRU is a world first in the space of commercial autonomous and definitely a big insight into the future of such technology. The other innovative idea to catch my attention was a fitbit like device for machinery.  A device that monitors indicators such as noise, heat and vibration designed to prevent breakdowns and attaches with a simple magnet. There was even an App to make Divorce quicker! The hive of activity in this space at the moment is nothing short of amazing.  I am excited to see what will make it to market over the coming months and years. One thing to keep an eye on is Bruce Dell and his company Euclidion.  Euclidion makes 3D graphics and hologram materials and are about to launch...

Choosing a Moodle Hosting Provider

There is a lot to consider when choosing a Moodle hosting provider.

In its simplest form, your Moodle LMS is actually little more than a number of files and folders. Hosting is simply somewhere to store all those files and folder so that your Moodle Learning Management System is available to your student; typically via the internet.

Whilst the computer geeks use words like ‘cloud’ and ‘web’ in reality those files sit on a computer somewhere. That computer is often referred…

How to Use Cinemagraphs in eLearning

Some great tips from Chris Pappas, Founder of The eLearning Industry Network, on how to use cinemagraphs in eLearning.

The original article can be found here, but just in case it is moved we have copied it to our Blog below.

Here’s Chris’s 5 Tips To Use Cinemagraphs in eLearning.

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  • Improve reporting, compliance and audit trail
  • Make training and workforce development more interesting and engaging for all involved.

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