May 27

10 Years in business. Happy Birthday to OTrain

This month OTrain celebrates 10 years of partnering with organisations to help put their training online and helping to make their online training work. Whilst we don’t usually like talking about ourselves, this mark felt like it was a worthy exception to take a moment out and reflect on the decade past, and some of our milestones and learnings along the way.

Since commencing in 2011 we’ve helped Island Resorts train and onboard their staff; helped keep Australian airports and airport workers safe; helped educate school teachers and others on how to deal with common medical conditions in the classroom; helped train a large swath of registered trainers and assessors and much much more.

As a full service provider of all things online training, we’ve been lucky enough to work across so many sectors with so many different providers and needs. As a result, today we don’t have 1 year of experience repeated 10 times but instead we have 10 years of varied experience – helping clients from all sectors with a raft of different needs and use cases.

In fact, after 10 years we are still surprised and amazed by the opportunities we get to work on, the companies (and people) we get to work with and by what is being put online.

And for this we thank you, and are truly grateful.

One of the benefits of working at OTrain is we get to embed with our clients for extended periods of time – years in fact. This means we get to see how the online platforms and content we’ve helped create or influence are implemented and the changes and effects they create for our clients. We also get the opportunity to help improve and iterate as our clients grow or their needs change.

For those clients that have welcomed us into their teams over the past 10 years, we thank you and are truly grateful.

We’ve been able to take this experience and build numerous tools, ideals and frameworks including philosophies like our 5 Pillars of Growth and our Automatic Training Machine that help everyone involved in online training. We look forward to continuing to innovate and share ideas (and the discussion this creates), and to continue contributing to the online training community at large.

There have been countless highlights for us over the past decade, so many we could fill pages of achievements, but a couple of our favourites include;

  • Helping a start-up RTO totally dominate their market (how does start-up to 30+% market share in under 5 years sound?)
  • Helping a number of employers improve their internal safety and training (including documentation and audit trail) providing a more professional and consistent onboarding and training experience for employees
  • Setting a new benchmark in Moodle hosting with our Hosted + Managed + Supported service.

Our experience isn’t limited to Australia either with past (and ongoing) projects which include:

  • Delivering leadership training into Africa for the Anglican Church
  • Assisting foster parents in the United States to better understand working with of traumatised children.
  • Advising a fully funded tech startup in Silicon Valley on tools and techniques to build their online training resources and community.

Over the past 10 years we’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most passionate people, subject matter experts and educators. And even when the passion has turned into heated conversations at time (you know who you are), we’ve loved every minute of it.

So thank you for choosing to trust and work with OTrain.

We cannot let this milestone pass without thanking those people that have had an influence in shaping OTrain and helping us to get to where we are. There are too many to name but have included our team (some awesome and others short lived), clients, advisors, prospects and general supporters. Whether long term team members or strategic partners, or simply a throw away comment on a call or email (and even the negative feedback) – it’s all combined to help shape OTrain and make us who we are today,

And we thank you.

10 years is a long time in business, but we’re only just getting started. We have more to do now than at any time in our history, and we look forward to building on our legacy and continuing to find better ways to help you with your online training projects and initiatives.

Thank you for your continued support.

We look forward to fulfilling our mission of partnering with organisations to put their training online, and to achieving our 2026 vision of serving more than 1Million active users via 2000+ Learning Management Systems.

Until then THANK YOU for keeping us in business since 2011.


Shane Ridley
Founder and Managing Director

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