May 22

Google Meet – FREE* for all

Still haven’t jumped on board the video conferencing train? Now is the time. Don’t delay training and communication with your staff.


Google has just announced that their Google Meet program will be free for everyone to use from now until September 2020!


Zoom is great but if you’re testing the waters or sceptical about how well your business will operate online then maybe Google Meet’s free trial is the place for you to start looking.


Google Meet allows you to set up secure meetings between 250 participants with NO time limits. This means only people with access to the meeting code will be able to join in on your call. There is also the option to record your meetings and get them sent straight to your Google Drive. That way you can manage your meetings and trace back to what was said.


Click here to read more about Google Meet’s free trial now!


While the video conferencing tools are great – if you’re looking for a more simple way to manage your training online or live face-to-face training, then give OTrain a call on (07) 3040 3310 or visit our website at

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