May 13

What you need to know about Zoom 5.0

Amongst the chaos caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, businesses and individuals have discovered that transferring online is not as scary or hard as originally thought.

One of the ways businesses have discovered this is by using online meeting tools in order to connect with employees during the pandemic. One of the most popular online meeting tools is Zoom and today they have just released their Zoom 5.0 upgrade.

Zoom 5.0 includes updates to the security of the tool.  The main security updates to the system is encryption to provide increased protection of meeting data and the resistance against meeting tampering.

Along with the encryption upgrades, Zoom has grouped together the security controls making it easier for hosts to enable or disable certain controls for participants.

This upgrade doesn’t take effect automatically and you will need to have updated to Zoom 5.0 by May 30 to continue to use Zoom.

Click here to upgrade to Zoom 5.0

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