August 19

New Feedback Dashboard

At OTrain, we are always looking for ways to improve our user experience.

As part of this commitment, when we released our last theme, we introduced a short user survey at the bottom of our template, asking the user to rate their experience on that session.

User could select a smiling, neutral or negative face to report on their thoughts.Feedback4

This feedback is then fed directly into a purpose built tool to log and manage the feedback.

We have been trialing, monitoring and improving this for some time and we are pleased to say we are now ready to release it to our OTrainU clients.

July FeedbackWhen a user selects an image (positive or negative), there is a corresponding score that is created and logged as well. The scores are totalled daily and using a variation on the popular “Net Promoter Score”, a total score is assigned for each day.

This daily score is then logged in a coloured dashboard calendar, providing a quick, visual image of your users experience.

We have created 4 categories:

  • Red – overall a bad day for user feedback
  • Grey – overall a neutral day for user feedback
  • Blue – overall a good day for user feedback
  • Super Blue – overall an excellent day for your feedback.Feedback2

In addition to the visual overview, Administrators are also able to drill down on a single day and see what individual scores each user has provided.

We have been tracking this information for some time, improving the formula and feedback, and in our next upgrade we are making this information available to users with Client Admin permission via the Admin dashboard.

We have also provided an opportunity for anyone providing a negative rating to tell us why. This has allowed us at OTrain to identify ways of improving the intuitiveness, reliability and stability of the platform.

We have been forwarding any comments to Administrators manually during the trial period, but once the upgrade takes effect, these notices will be sent by the system as s
oon as they are

This new User Feedback Dashboard will provide you with a quick, visual guide on what your users are thinking when using your training room and training courses. The feedback process will also provide you with User thoughts and ideas on what it is they are not liking and what could possibly be improved.Feedback3

It is expected this approach will provide OTrain clients with more insight into the User experience, allowing us both to continually evolve and improve the platform and course material, in turn creating Raving Fans.

The roll out is expected to take place by September 1.

This is yet another way OTrain is helping you to put your training online, and more importantly helping to ensure your training works. Simply put, it’s a better way to train.

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