October 12

What training can you put online?

What training can you put online?

We get asked this question all the time. The short answer is just about any training, but some training is more suited than others.

Whilst some elearning companies will argue everything should (or could) go online, and some “old school” trainers might argue that
nothing should be online, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

We suggest in most cases, the complete training solution is probably a blend of both.

“Blended Learning” as it is known, is the combination of both online and offline training, and in our view, the best way to achieve most learning objectives.

But even with Blended learning, which parts do you keep in the training room, and which parts do you turn into online training?

We suggest anything that is theoretical, repetitive, low value or compliance based, is best delivered online. More practical, higher value or engaging subjects, are best delivered face to face.

Still unsure, you can always apply the OTrain One Question Test:

If delivering the training generates energy in the room – keep it face to face. If it drains energy from the room (a standard safety induction for example) – put it online.

Whilst this is not an absolute rule, its a good place to start.

And of course, as always it depends a lot on your content, trainer and budget.

Outstanding trainers can take any topic and deliver it in an engaging and energising way. But the truth is, we can’t have outstanding trainers training all the time. Lets be honest, outstanding Trainers are few and far between. If your lucky enough to have outstanding trainers, it probably makes more sense having them delivering higher value training anyway.

With simulation, animation and even role play options growing in popularity, and becoming more and more affordable, more and more of that engaging, energy creating content can be put online but for a lot of businesses, the expense is still a little out of reach.

But even with great simulations and role plays, as we said some training should remain Face to Face.

So the answer to the question, is actually another question. What is the best blend of online and offline to provide maximum flexibility to your students, and the best use of your limited resources and trainers. The answer to this second question, will tell you what training could or should be putting online.

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