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Putting your Training Online Helps to Retain Your Good Employees

Putting your Training online helps to retrain retain good employees:I-love-my-job-639x425

When you find good employees, you want to keep them.

One way is through higher pay and benefits, but another way is through training opportunities and allowing them to grow with the company.

Ongoing training provides companies with opportunities to nurture those good employees, and retain them, another way to save time and money.

According to the National Research Business Institute, 23 percent of employees leave a company for lack of development opportunities and training.

The consequence is the costs associated with losing that employee  like talent, money, lost productivity, recruitment expenses and training investments.

Not to mention the cost of lost corporate knowledge and memory.

Offering training has a noticeable impact on employee turnover.

A Saratoga Institute Study found that workers who have good training and professional development paths averaged 12 percent turnover rate at companies, meaning average stay was more than 8 years. Alternatively , workers who don’t have learning and growth opportunities averaged 41 percent turnover with an average stay more like 2.5 years.

So if you want to retain your staff, and have them personally grow as your company grows –

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Shane Ridley is the Founder and Managing Director of OTrain. With a background in Workforce Development, Shane has been involved in everything from staffing and developing workforces in Greenfield sites to working with 100 year old companies. 1 man operations to multinationals.

A serial entrepreneur, Shane has also successfully started and grown 5 businesses, on 3 occasions taking them from concept to $1M+ in revenue.

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