September 22

If the message is not getting through, change the message

If the message is not getting through, change the message.

Change the message

Here’s a great example of how the message was changed on washing your hands.

And whilst I’m a serial hand washer anyway, this is probably the first sign I have seen that actually motivates me to think about washing my hands; and more importantly, what it means if I don’t (or worse you don’t).

With this sign, it not only makes me think about my actions – but also those of the people around me.

If I seen you try and leave the bathroom without washing, I’d be pretty quick to point out the sign and the consequences.

Something like this might even spark up a conversation over the hand basin, about the sign, the message and what it means, further spreading the message and hopefully creating more buy in.

Donald Trump doesn’t shake hands to avoid this very issue. Perhaps if he changed the message, and displayed a few of these type of signs in his restrooms and around the “Trump Tower”, he wouldn’t need to be so cautious.

What other signs or innovative ways have you seen to get the message across?

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