September 14

Sneak Peak – OTrain V2.0 – Introducing Tiles

Microsoft had it right!

Tiles are the future.

Sure the execution of Windows 8 could have been better, but we for one believe Tiles will become an integral part of User Interfaces into the future.

Thats why the new V2.0 of the OTrain Learning Management System platform has incorporated “Tiles” for the display and management of hosted courses.

These large, colourful blocks easily and readily display course titles and descriptions and provide a clean and simple way for users to find and enter training programs.

But dont fear, unlike Microsoft, we’ve also keep a traditional menu bar (coupled with our new command centres) for more traditional navigation.

Stay tuned for more sneak peaks and updates

OTrain provides a web based learning management system, along with creative studio and learning resources for progressive organisations that want to take thier internal training to the next level. We offer the options of a full service solution, or a BYO model and of course every combination in between.

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