September 12

Sneak Peak – OTrain V2.0 – Command Centres

The new V2 of the OTrain Learning Management System platform has been built around a concept of “Command Centres” for key activities.Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 7.28.35 AM

More than 90% of available options can be reached via a Command Centre in under 3 clicks, making our already intuitive software even easier to use.

We did extensive studies of the User Interface and menu structures of other World Leading Software programs including FaceBook, LinkedIn, Infusionsoft and Basecamp to guide our new design and build our Command Centres.
So not only does this new approach improve the user experience, it has a nice sense of familiarity about it too.

Stay tuned for more sneak peaks and updates

OTrain provides a web based learning management system, along with creative studio and learning resources for progressive organisations that want to take thier internal training to the next level. We offer the options of a full service solution, or a BYO model and of course every combination in between.

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