Is it Time for an UPGRADE?


Just like a worn pair of socks,

we can get comfortable with our technology,

including our Learning Management System

and online training courses.


After all they’re familiar.  They’ve been reliable.  We know what we have.

Sure there may be holes in them, but they are just so comfortable.

But unlike socks, technology moves on.

New, faster computers arrive that can do more.  Operating systems change and evolve and web browsers start to work differently.

More importantly, our students expect more.

They expect a faster and more intuitive experience.  More engaging and entertaining learning events.  Better access including access on their tablet or other mobile device.

So, just as you have to occasionally update those worn out socks, you also need to update your online training platform and training courses.

That’s where we can HELP!

At OTrain, we put training online.  More than that, we help make your training work.

Our team are experts so you don’t have to be.

We have extensive experience hosting Learning Management Systems and we have a team of experts who can update or completely rebuild your training course.

With over 500 courses currently hosted and 50,000 active students, we have the background and knowledge to assist with updating your project.

If you have a training course or learning management system that is feeling a bit like those comfy socks and is due for an UPGRADE, give us a call on 07 3040 3310.

And as a special incentive, just for calling, we’ll even send you a new pair of socks!

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