Quad Bike Safety Training

Quad Bike Safety Training

Quad Bikes and ATV’s are an integral part of a modern farming operation. Quick and nimble, they enable the operator to get around the farm and access to jobs and tools.

But they have a dark side. Since 2001 more than 160 people have been killed and many many more seriously injured.

The OTrain SafeFarm Quad Bike Safety Training course has been created to provide riders and operators a better understanding of the risks associated with Quad Bikes and ATV’s and introduce controls to help avoid an accident, injury or worse.

As one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment on the farm, training is imperative to provide Quad Bike Safety.

By completing this course, you will gain an understand of how to operate a Quad Bike safely.

A growing number of employers are insisting on staff having completed their SafeFarm Quad Bike Safety Training prior to operating a Quad Bike or ATV on their farming operations.

Topic Covered:

This Quad Bike Safety Training Course is presented in a Multimedia Style presentation and includes a professional voice narrative.

The course covers the following topics:-Quad Bike Safety Training

  1. What is a Quad Bike or ATV?
  2. Vehicle Selection
  3. Training
  4. Risk Factors – and controlling the risks
  5. Legal Requirements
  6. Farm Safety
  7. Using a Quad Bike
  8. Transporting and Storage
  9. Maintenance

Who should do this Course?

Anyone planning to operate a Quad Bike or ATV

Anyone responsible for supervising or overseeing operators of Quad Bikes and ATV’s

Time and Assessments:

This course will take approximately 40 minutes and includes a 10 questions assessment upon completion.

A pass mark of 80% is required.

Participants who achieve the pass mark or more will be issued with a Certificate of Completion for their own records.

For a demo, or to learn more please contact OTrain on 07 3040 3310 You can also learn more about our Quad Bike Safety Training by visiting here

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