Moodle is a great LMS!

70,000 installs and more than 1.5 million teachers worldwide can’t surely be wrong.
It’s free, it’s open source, and there are loads of plug-ins and professionals out there to help.

But it is far from perfect and is not that easy to manage and use.

Use of Moodle is a bit difficult for a layman, here are the few trouble areas…

1. Installation

Cumbersome and time consuming. Even after installation, one spends days or weeks trouble shooting and testing the system.

 Wouldn’t it be great if one could get your LMS up and running in under 7 minutes?

2. Hosting

Finding a reliable hosting service where load management, especially during peak periods, can be handled easily is a big task.

As an LMS administrator would you not be thrilled to get a seamless turn-key experience regarding hosting and managing the training?

3. Template and Theme customization

Knowledge of HTML, CSS is required to customize the themes and templates in Moodle.

How often you wish you had a ‘simple point and shoot, click and upload and make the site your own’ branding solution…

4. Programming needs

An expert has to take care of the dots and dashes, servers and backups or permissions and security.

Wouldn’t an intuitively simple training solution where you could simply focus on creating and delivering your training spared you the trouble of managing the programming needs?

5. Technical support

Finding the exact technical solution in simple everyday English is very difficult especially in an open source environment where everybody talks in “gobbly gook” IT language.

Wouldn’t speaking to a real human in real English for getting technical support made life a lot easier?

6. Too many versions, too many features

Too many features and options, most of which one does not even require in everyday use makes use of Moodle very complex.

At times don’t you feel simplified access to only useful features is the need of the hour!

7. Upgrades, patches and fixes

LMS being software, there is no escaping the regular flow of upgrades, patches and fixes. In Moodle, you have to do it yourself on a regular basis to stay up to date.

What if somebody takes care of these responsibilities and leaves you to concentrate only on your training?

8. Access to resources, tools and experts

Finding access to your everyday requirement of resources, tools and experts is a very tedious and time consuming affair in Moodle.

Don’t you think an easy access to a rich resource and knowledge bank coupled with direct human interaction in everyday use English could save you from a lot of hassle?

Nonetheless Moodle is  still a RELIABLE, ROBUST and READILY AVAILABLE, SCORM compliant Learning Management System.


Does any other LMS match up the functionality and dependability of Moodle?

Yes. OTrain does!


OTrain is a one stop shop for all your online training needs—Software, Hosting, Content and Advice.

It is simple to use and backed up and supported by people who are fanatical about customer service and support.

To find out how OTrain can deal with your Moodle blues retaining its reliability and robustness

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