Game over for Flash


At the end of 2020 Adobe Flash will no longer be supported or available in most internet browsers. For those people involved in the eLearning and online training sectors, particularly those who have been around for a while and have courses that are a few years old, this change is likely to impact you.

For a period of time, a lot of online training courses were published in Flash. More recently, publishing tools have provided the option to publish in Flash, HTML5 or both.

Even if you have been proactive and published your courses in HTML5, some courses may still contain Flash elements. These elements include things like animations, transitions or effects or specific feature elements like the accordion feature or roll overs.


When most people think about their online training packages, the first reference point is SCORM. SCORM is a standard and is different to Flash. Your SCORM package can be published in Flash, or contain Flash elements.

The changes to the availability of Flash in internet browsers will affect your courses that contain Flash elements or that have been published to the Flash output type (typically the .swf file extension type).

From elements simply not working (meaning students might miss out on valuable information or engagement activities) to the entire package not loading or playing, it’s worth taking some time to understand what these changes could mean for you.


Below we have drafted some of the more common questions about the pending changes (and we’ll be adding more as they are asked). As always, we’ve tried to use plain English and avoid the ‘techy’ stuff.

If you still have more question or have something to add, please give us a call or shoot us a message.

This change is going to have a major influence not only to eLearning but to the internet as a whole. Don’t get caught out on January 1, 2021. Act today and remember if you’re unsure, we’re hear to help.

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