Farm Safety with HortCard

Farm Safety by HortCardFarm Safety Matters

HortCard is our pre-employment training induction for field works involved in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector.

Employers including farmers have a legal obligation to train staff and make them aware of the risks and controls in their environment. The HortCard course helps farmers and employers meet this obligation.

Built in our popular modular style, covering 9 interesting and important topics this course is delivered in a narrated, multimedia format.

Topics Covered:

The course covers the following topics:-

  1. Farm Safety Awareness
  2. Sun Safety
  3. Personal Protective Equipment
  4. Machinery Safety
  5. Safe Lifting
  6. Rural Job Safety
  7. Emergency Response
  8. Food Safety and Good Manufacturing Practice Basics
  9. Good Manners.

Course Availability:

This course is available via the following

  • per student, via the OTrain academy
  • In full for your own Learning Management System.
  • As a template to create you own Field Safety Induction specific to you site.
  • In an Offline Version

For a demo, or to learn more please contact OTrain on 07 3040 3310 You can also learn more about HortCard by visiting

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