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Do you want to learn how to use Digital Marketing to grow your business and enrolments?

Are you tired of marketing people who do a better job of selling themselves than they do selling your products and service?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, apply to be part of our next Digital Marketing Masterminds group.       More info below.

Numbers are strictly limited, so start today.

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The OTrain TSC – Digital Marketing Mastermind Club is a facilitated, peer to peer discussion and process for improving your marketing and improving your results.

Using our popular web based, peer to peer model that we are becoming famous for, together we will work through planning and executing different marketing strategies in areas such as;

Digital Marketing Branding Strategy Online Media Concept

  • Sales and Marketing Automation
  • Search Engine Optimisation,
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • and organic Social Media Campaigns

It’s also a place where we can share and introduce software platforms, apps and tools to make your marketing efforts more effective and more efficient.

This is a results driven club where we will look at each others metrics through user informed discussions to drive your efforts and improve results.

Spaces are strictly limited and are reserved for ‘non competing’ businesses, so if you think this would add value and grow your business, apply today.

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Learn how the

This club is designed to be a personal and interactive learning experience,  with each group being reserved for a maximum of 10, non competing businesses.

Each month we will get together for 90 minutes via a web meeting.

Sessions are facilitated by an experienced digital marketer who will share their own experience and views, as well as encourage the sharing of the collective knowledge of other participants in the group.

Each session is an opportunity for each member to work on their own business and marketing strategy, with progress presented and discussed in each monthly session.

Between sessions, participants will have access to a dedicated, closed Facebook group for ‘out of class’ questions and discussions.

Participants will also get access to our exclusive resource centre of useful tips, tools, templates and more.

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There are no prior learning or skills required for this program however there are a couple of things you will need to bring with you.

  • An interest in growing your business or enrolments
  • Computer with a reliable internet connection
  • A web cam and speaker
  • A willingness to participate

No basic level of marketing is required as everything you need to know will be introduced as part of the process.

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The cost is just $165 per month, including GST.

Bulk discounts and ‘Custom In house Training’ are also available. Contact us on 07 3040 3310 for more details.

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Due to the interactive nature of this program, numbers are limited. Don’t miss out.

Join us on the journey that is Digital Marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What time are the online meetings?

The online meetings are scheduled to take place on the second Friday of the month at 10am.

However, one of the first things we do is survey all participants to see if there is a ‘better’ time and/or day that suit all.

If there is, we change. If not, 10am Friday it is.

Am I locked in?

Marketing is a perpetual process. It needs to be continually refined and driven

This program is much the same. Monthly meetings take place each month indefinitely.

You can leave at anytime, but hopefully you’ll stay. As your marketing experience and expertise grows, so will the detail in the program.

Are the meetings recorded?

Unfortunately no. There is a level of confidentiality required as each participant shares their material, progress and results. This allows for a better program and more open sharing. For this reason, we do not record the meetings.

Besides, its more fun when you get involved, then it is watching the replay.

Can I pay by Invoice instead of Credit Card?
Yes. To book and pay by invoice or account, please just call our office on 07 3040 3310 or email [email protected]

Can I miss a meeting?
You can…. but we’d prefer you didn’t.

There is a lot of content to get through. Notes and templates will be shared if you are unable to attend, but to get the most out of this group it does help to be on the call and interacting with your fellow program attendees.

Will there be another Masterclass?
This is a limited release masterclass. Enrolments are only open a few times a year so if you’re interested, we’d encourage you to apply today.

If you can’t make this program, you can register your interest in our next dates by emailing [email protected]

What if I don't know anything about Marketing?
This program is designed to teach people all they need to know. If you have some basic understanding it helps, but its not a prerequisite as we will all be learning together.
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